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Diana, Mother Teresa, Rich Mullins & Dennis Roesner

jÚsu, Jesus, Jsvwv, Jesus

The Voice Of A Generation? Kurt Cobain

Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll


Oops . . . There It Is! (On Becoming a Christian)

Creation Science & Oxymorons

Forty Brave Soldiers


Is Jesus the only way?

My Trip To Israel

Just Behind The Corner

Stone Temple Pilots

Drumming For Jesus

The Prayer Of Jabez

Where Was God When The Calendar Dialed 911?

My Trip To D.C. after 9/11

Fatal Error Attraction

Out On A Broken Limb

I've Fallen In Love & I Can't Get Up

The Gospel According To Bruce, Almighty Then

Reality TV Show

True or False

Shocking New Report: War Does Not Bring Increase In Deaths

A Tale Of Two Men

Petco Park

Larry On Leno?

In Loving memory of Stephen Bubb

Brush With Greatness... or Crest

Trifecta of A. P.

What In The World Was I Thinking?

The Dolphin Driven Life & Narnia

When God Seems Absent

A Modern Day Parable

One Fry Short

Witch Fire vs. Our House

Gullible Warming

My Hall of Fame Induction

Election Projection

Farewell Malachi Bubb/The Holocaust and Easter (photos)

Crimson And Clover

The Secret Hidden Books of the Bible

25 years... From My Heart

Treasure in Tijuana

Tennis Is One Giant Racket

Beyond The Dead Forest

Alphabet Prayer

Eschatology in the Book of Esther

Politically Incorrect Article

Lion, Tigers and Cancer, Oh My!

Modern vs. Postmodern Age Comparison

When Time Marries Eternity

The Irresistible Revolution:
Living as an Ordinary Radical

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