Lary Bubb Ministries
Upcoming Events

1. Spring Interim Worship Leader 10:15 AM, Trinity Baptist Church Poway, CA

2. April 13 6:30 PM Maundy Thursday dinner/service Trinity Baptist Church, Poway

3. April 24? Preach/Sing PM San Diego Rescue Mission

4. April 30 Preach 11 AM Chinese Christian Church of Thousand Oaks

5. Mar/April Teach Online Worship Class SDCC

6. June 11 Preach 11 AM Coronado Southern Baptist Church

7. June/July Teach Online Worship Class SDCC

8. Every other Sunday Evening Lead Bible study/worship @ our house/home group

9. Thursdays Lead worship @ another home group


Prayer Concerns

1. Thanks to the Father for answered prayer to open doors for ministry in the beginning of 2017!

2. Open doors for ministry, preaching, evangelism, college teaching, Baby Shower keynote speaker, etc.

3. For people to watch the YouTube videos, especially the new Hip Hop Witnessing video, as well as read this Perihelion newsletter in hopes that they would be encouraged, uplifted, and blessed by God!


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