Letting the world know there is hope in Jesus!

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Hebrews 12:2

Upcoming Events

1. Spring Interim Worship Leader 10:15 AM Trinity Baptist Church Poway, CA

2. Feb/Mar Teach Online & Onground Worship Class SDCC

3. Thursdays Lead worship @ another home group

Prayer Concerns

1. My wonderful mom turned 87 recently! Unfortunately her health has been going downhill and she was taken to the emergency room. She is improving but please pray for her health as well as her sons to know how to best take care of her.

2. For people to watch the YouTube videos (What Does the Fox and the Pharisay? parody has now gotten well over 10,000 hits), as well as read the Perihelion newsletter in hopes that they would be encouraged, uplifted, and blessed by God!

3. Open doors and direction as God desires for both my wife in her job and for this ministry.


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