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Along with the privilege of traveling in all 50 states and some 30 foreign countries comes the occasional opportunity to sign a Guestbook and leave a note mentioning where I am from. I am happy and humbled that you have stopped here on your cyber travels. We have recently switched to a new Guestbook.   The old Guestbook can still be viewed by clicking on the link below to the right. There you can read any of the hundreds of notes from travelers before you.  If you would like to sign the Guestbook or read any of the newer messages, please click on the link below to the left. If you have time to leave a note and mention where you have traveled from, that would be great. Thanks for stopping in to visit. Happy cyber trails to you! Disclaimer: The free guestbook has "Christian" ads placed by google, not by us.

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What Does the Fox and Phari-Say??

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Leonard Simpson

Big Deal



Jerusalem and Dead Sea, Israel - 2000
jeru-dead.jpg (420767 bytes)
Look Ma, no hands . . . or feet! (Dead Sea Soles)

Thassos and Philippi, Greece – 1997
thas-jail.jpg (424554 bytes)
One of Paul’s “guest hotels.” He did quite a bit of Guestbook writing . . .
from prison! (Philippians 1:13,14; Acts 16:23-25)

Great Barrier Reef, Australia – 2001
larrysnorkel.jpg (392982 bytes)
Larry's captivating preaching style has his audience in the palm of his hand . . .
while also demonstrating a safer way to feed fish than Jonah did! (Mark 1:17; Jonah 1:17)

Patagonia, Chile – 2008
snow-rnbw.jpg (384153 bytes)
Rainbow’s end – a beautiful promise!
(Genesis 9:12-15)

Jerusalem Rolling Stone -2000

Inscription to the left reads, “He is not here. He is risen!” (Luke 24:2-7)


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