What Does the Fox and Pharisay?

(And other perplexing mysteries of the universe)

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Most of you reading this edition of the Perihelion were not aware that the world premiere of my parody of “What Does the Fox Say?” was recently uploaded to YouTube. The video idea came when I remembered that Jesus actually talked to a fox in the Bible (Luke 13). As with all of my parodies, I try to put a humorous twist to the song. I had a lot of creative fun putting this video together, including lots of talking animals and even a few dumb questions by humans. I have a favor to ask of you, which I hope will end up putting a smile on your face … because congratulations are in order as you are guaranteed to have won either:

1) $1 million . . . OR

2) the opportunity to be one of the very 1st to see my world premiere parody of the viral video song “What Does the Fox Say?” If you’ve recently hacked into my bank account using the Nosebleed virus, you'll immediately know which 1 of these 2 prizes you have won.

I really don't like to promote stuff I’ve done . . . however, I do feel really good about this video. I have worked on it for a few hours virtually every day for over a month. I think it not only has the possibility of putting a smile on someone's face, but it could also be an encouragement to help all of us grow closer to our Creator.

On my 11th take, I noticed my hand was bleeding.

So if each of you will merely send the link below to 1,000 of your friends, I think this parody can catch the original in no time! If you don’t feel comfortable sending this video to someone, please don't . . . your computing device will simply freeze and you will never be able to use it again the rest of your life! Just kidding. ;-) But if you do feel comfortable embedding or linking to it on your facebook, twitter, etc., that would be great! OR . . . if you have any real friends , it would be cool if you pass the link on to them.

I would be humbled and honored if you would go to this link right now and watch the 3-minute video I uploaded last month:


While you don't need to have seen the original video to enjoy my parody (called “What Does the Fox and Phari-say?”) it will make a little bit more sense if you have seen the original. I certainly don't need to promote the video by the 2 lads from Norway as it has already received more than 400 million views! It is so powerful right now that if you simply type the word “what” in the Google search engine, it will be the 1st link that shows up when you hit the search button.

If you are touched by the video’s reminder that literally thousands of children die every day from hunger related diseases, please consider contacting a reliable/reputable non-profit like Compassion International to move you from the category of critical Pharisee to compassionate human. My wife and I have had the pleasure and privilege to support/provide food/correspond with 7 children over the last 31 years through Compassion International.

If you are touched by the reminder that Jesus the Christ did not come to condemn us but rather to help us, you might want to read more about that from the book of Luke found in the Bible.

If you were touched to the point of realizing you might want a speaker or singer who is “touched” and just “off” enough to perform at your next Ground Hog’s Day Banquet (or are pondering “What does the Ground Hog say?”) . . . I would be humbled and am available for rallies, concerts, guest preaching, conferences, evangelism events, schools, training, retreats, & baby showers. I actually performed for Guy Fox, er, I mean Guy Fawkes Day in England!

If you are curious to know how I found the actual talking fox, watch the movie The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, which was taken from the allegorical series The Chronicles of Narnia” written by C.S. Lewis. Lewis details his journey from atheism to becoming a follower of Jesus Christ in his book Mere Christianity.”

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