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Hebrews 12:2


Hip Hop Witnessing

If Coolio, the Beach Boys, Willie Nelson, Los Lobos, the Village People, Hammer, and Milli Vanilli became a Christian group …

What Does the Fox and Phari-Say??

Video Promo

Leonard Simpson

Big Deal

Video Post

What does the Fox and Phari-Say??


Jerusalem and Dead Sea, Israel - 2000
jeru-dead.jpg (420767 bytes)
Look Ma, no hands . . . or feet! (Dead Sea Soles)

Thassos and Philippi, Greece – 1997
thas-jail.jpg (424554 bytes)
One of Paul’s “guest hotels.” He did quite a bit of Guestbook writing . . .
from prison! (Philippians 1:13,14; Acts 16:23-25)

Great Barrier Reef, Australia – 2001
larrysnorkel.jpg (392982 bytes)
Larry's captivating preaching style has his audience in the palm of his hand . . .
while also demonstrating a safer way to feed fish than Jonah did! (Mark 1:17; Jonah 1:17)

Patagonia, Chile – 2008
snow-rnbw.jpg (384153 bytes)
Rainbow’s end – a beautiful promise!
(Genesis 9:12-15)

Jerusalem Rolling Stone -2000

Inscription to the left reads, “He is not here. He is risen!” (Luke 24:2-7)

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